Wanted Media

About Wanted Media Productions

The Internet enables us to bring stories told in words, pictures, music or films instantaneously to anybody in the world at next to no cost. This has given brands the opportunity to tell their stories beyond the traditional print or TV-Ads. The chance to create an emotional connection with their customers directly and immediately is enormously empowering, but also comes with great challenges. Consumers don’t want to be sold to anymore; they want to be engaged by tales that move, entertain or enlighten them. Neither product, nor the content about the product, can be a hard sell anymore. In order to be engaging, brand stories have to be sincere, passionate, relevant, well told and have a purpose beyond the promotion of the product. Brands have to prove to the world that they believe in something larger than themselves to remain relevant.

Newly formed Wanted Media is the brand’s partner when it comes to production. It combines an award winning team of professionals with experience in the worlds of film, TV and print production.

While based in the USA, our outlook is decidedly international. Members of our team are from the US and different parts of Europe, but our network of collaborators spans the globe, so we can always draw on creative talent and production capabilities from any part of the world.

Wanted Media is a creative production shop. Our mission is to help clients create integrated content, that is relevant, dynamic and powerful.

Today, success is measured by engagement, no longer by imprint. In order to be engaging, brand stories have to be sincere, passionate, relevant, and have a purpose beyond the promotion of the product. 

Our multilingual and interdisciplinary team of producers from the worlds of advertising, print, digital, events, feature film, and TV are experts in creating compelling 360-communication platforms. 

Wanted Media was formed by partners Tina Preschitz and René Bastian. Preschitz has been working in the fields of print and TV production in Germany, Austria and for the past 10 years New York. Bastian's Belladonna Productions is one of the leading independent film and commercial production companies whose award winning films have been screened at the Berlin, Cannes, Sundance, Toronto and Venice film festivals and garnered a Golden Globe and several Academy Award nominations.